Meine Visitenkarten/ my business cards

Ich habe diese Visitenkarten letztes Jahr entworfen, als ich auch mein Webdesign und mein Logo neu gestaltet habe.

Das Pop-Up funktioniert komplett ohne Klebstoff, die Teile sind nur geschnitten, gefaltet und ineinandergesteckt. Das macht die Produktion etwas einfacher. Ausserdem bringt das Pop-Up einen netten Überraschungseffekt ein und die Karte passt sogar in die Standard-Visitenkartenetuis.

Das faserig strukturierte Papier lässt die Karte nochmal von den üblichen weissen Karten hervorstechen.

I created these business cards last year after redesigning my website and logo.

The pop-up works without any glue or tape (which makes them easier to produce) and adds a nice little surprise to the card. The card also fits into standard business card cases and the fibrous structure of the paper makes it stand out even more among all the usual white cards.

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  1. we love these cards.
    Would you be able to do these using our logo as the pop up ?

  2. n

     /  June 14, 2014

    How much are these? How would I be able to order some?

  3. Jody Muth

     /  June 30, 2012

    Business cards are really extremely important when a person want to market your merchandise or service to future clients. l constantly make sure that we produce business cards which make a great impression.

  4. Phil Beckershoff

     /  June 28, 2012

    Wow, very nice work. Respect!

  5. Beautiful design!

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