May I introduce: The Wormworld Saga Papertoy

(c) Daniel Lieske

Have you heard about the Wormworld Saga yet? If not, it’s time!

The Wormworld Saga is an Online Graphic Novel by Daniel Lieske that tells the story of Jonas Berg, a boy who gets roped into a fantastic adventure beyond his imagination.


Kennt ihr schon die Wormworld Saga? Wenn nicht, wird’s aber Zeit! 

Die Wormworld Saga ist ein Online Graphic Novel von Daniel Lieske, der die Geschichte von dem Jungen Jonas Berg erzählt, der in ein fantastisches Abenteuer hineingerät, wie er es sich nie hätte träumen können! 

The journey begins (c) Daniel Lieske


Yesterday the 4th chapter was launched and you can read all chapters online for free (in many different languages!). There is also a free app for tablet pcs. The app was funded by a kickstarter campaign in 2011, and now you can buy additional content for the app to support the project. But to secure the financial future of the project, this probably won’t be enough over the long run.

That’s why Daniel and his wife developed the Wormworld Saga Treasure Chest as a new kickstarter campaign. It contains a first lineup of different fan items for the backers of the project.


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