Circus Zingaro – A pop up book (finished)

Finally! After 7 Years I have managed to complete my pop-up Book ‚Circus Zingaro‘.

I started to create this Pop-Up Book during my Design and Illustration studies for my final exam and finished it with some changes now.

However, I still haven’t found a publisher for it, so unfortunately it is not available for sale.

The story is about a homeless girl that wants to join a traveling circus.
She introduces herself to the Ringmaster but he dismisses her and doesn’t take her seriously.

Instead of offering her a job he introduces her to all the extraordinary and wonderful freaks and geeks at his show to convince her that she doesn’t fit in.

But she has a special gift he doesn’t know about yet…

If you are a publisher and interested in publishing this book, please contact me.


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Rittergeschichten-Ein Pop-Up Theater

Rittergeschichten- Ein Pop-Up Theater ist eine Kooperation mit Florian Biege. In dem Video zeigen wir den Prototypen des Buchs.
Mehr Infos und Bilder gibt es auf meiner Website !

This is the prototype for a Pop-Up Theatre book that I created in collaboration with Florian Biege. More Info and Pictures on my Website !