Papier Insekten/ Paper Insects

Handgefertigte naturgetreue Papierskulpturen verschiedener Insekten, hergestellt aus Krepppapier.

Handmade lifelike Paper Sculptures of Insects, made out of Crepe Paper.


Als ich vor gut einem Jahr angefangen habe, mit hochwertigem Krepppapier Blumen nachzubilden, hat mich die Struktur und Formbarkeit des Papiers inspiriert, auch Insekten daraus zu fertigen. So ist zuerst die grüne Stabheuschrecke entstanden und bald darauf die anderen Insekten. Ich habe noch viele weitere Ideen und hoffe, dass ich 2018 einige davon umsetzen kann.

 When I started to make paper flowers with artisan crepe paper about a year ago, I soon got inspired to try and create some Insects. So I first made the goliath stick insect and soon there followed the other insects. I have so many more ideas for this paper and hope I will be able to realize some of them in 2018.



Crepe_Paper_Insects_PaperArt_Tropidacris_Locust_by_faltmanufaktur01 (1)


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Freebie! Papertoy Lama & Kaktus How to


Lama und Kakteen Papertoy Freebie zum nachbasteln!

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Circus Zingaro – A pop up book (finished)

Finally! After 7 Years I have managed to complete my pop-up Book ‚Circus Zingaro‘.

I started to create this Pop-Up Book during my Design and Illustration studies for my final exam and finished it with some changes now.

However, I still haven’t found a publisher for it, so unfortunately it is not available for sale.

The story is about a homeless girl that wants to join a traveling circus.
She introduces herself to the Ringmaster but he dismisses her and doesn’t take her seriously.

Instead of offering her a job he introduces her to all the extraordinary and wonderful freaks and geeks at his show to convince her that she doesn’t fit in.

But she has a special gift he doesn’t know about yet…

If you are a publisher and interested in publishing this book, please contact me.


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